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Ginkgo Garden’s “Secret Call” album release, USA


A clear, crisp new sound for New Age music, A great debut !, February 9, 2002
Reviewer: A music fan from Jacksonville, FLA, USA

When I first heard a track from this artist on a Earthtone Various Artists CD [actually two tracks], I was very much impressed! I actually wanted the CD right then and there. So, since I was in a Borders, I decided to look for the album. As a big coincidence, the exact album I was looking for was in a front row of CDs! So, I got it. It was pretty darn good! I liked all the tracks from 1# to 9#, including the poem at the end of the CD. The other tracks, to me, were dull and boring. That's why I decided to rate this four stars instead of five. Overall, this CD still should be in everybody's New Age collection [except for those who like the quieter version of New Age]. And so, this is Ed signing off.


Reviewer: A music fan from Wahpeton, North Dakota

Unlike the first review on this CD, I would not compare it to Enya. I have MANY New Age artists in my CD library and this sound is refreshingly new. There are some tracks with hints of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, et al., but in the main this CD is unique. Another comment that is in order is the good quality of this recording. The high frequencies are crystal-clear and the bass is nice and tight. I really liked 10 out of the 13 tracks... not bad in comparison to many other CDs which sell because of one or two songs.


Excellent New Age, July 6, 1999
Reviewer: corey@dissension.com (see more about me) from Anderson, SC

Imagine Enya without all the slower parts. If you are a fan of Enya but constantly push the "ahead" CD button to escape her slower, rather dull tracks, be aware that this CD is muchly like her music without the depressing lesser tracks.

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